Pierre Van Hooijdonk

Pierre van Hooijdonk
23 November 2016
Was he madder than Di Canio? Does he regret going on strike at Forest? Why does he not get on with Van Persie? And could a cat really manage a football club? Your questions answered…
8 November 2016
Tensions can occasionally boil over on the pitch, but Jake Conneely and Dan Steeden pick out a handful of figures who really threw their toys out of the pram
15 July 2016
Ex-Celtic and Nottingham Forest striker Pierre van Hooijdonk has told FourFourTwo that he doesn’t regret his war of words with compatriot Robin van Persie…
13 July 2016
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27 October 2015
Pierre van Hooijdonk has reignited a feud with former Feyenoord team-mate Robin van Persie with his comments about the striker.
2 October 2015
A move to the English league system could catapult Celtic to the top of European football, Pierre van Hooijdonk has said.
28 June 2015
Manchester United's Louis van Gaal has been warned by Pierre van Hooijdonk not to risk playing Memphis Depay out of position.
11 February 2015
Manchester United great Paul Scholes has hit out at the "bizarre" reaction from Louis van Gaal in response to criticism from West Ham manager Sam Allardyce.
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