Orlando City

28 February 2017
MLS' newest facility will arguably be the league's best. But what will the soccer be like from the home team?
27 February 2017
Who wins the East? Who wins the West? Who wins MVP. Let us tell you.
26 February 2017
Star captain Kaka ushered in a new era with a goal at Orlando City's new stadium on Saturday.
17 February 2017
MLS is always wide open, but a few teams look like way-too-early favorites to win MLS Cup. And a few look like they're in for trouble.
30 January 2017
The amount gave MLS pause, but from Minnesota's point of view, the Trinidad and Tobago star was worth the premium.
25 January 2017
MLS' reach extends farther than ever and continues to get stronger. Here are 10 additions that could have a major impact when the league restarts in March.
23 January 2017
Who made the right moves this offseason? Who flopped?
5 January 2017
Orlando City unveiled 49 stadiums seats to make a rainbow, with each seat honoring a murdered victim of the Pulse nightclub shootings.
28 December 2016
That was quite a year, wasn't it? Well, it was for MLS, too. Here are our 10 most memorable moments from 2016:
27 December 2016
MLS teams have a obvious goal: Win games. Come time to buy a new calendar, though, they're just like the rest of us.


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