Best European teenagers
16 November 2017
Continuing our continental rundown of the young sensations to keep eyes on – in conjunction with FFT's list on the world’s 100 best teenagers
Football Manager 2018 wonderkids
15 November 2017
Whether you’re a moneybags club backed by Qatari oil magnates or just a run-of-the-mill Premier League behemoth, you’ll want a look at this lot
10 November 2017
We’ve had our fun ranking the planet’s 100 best teenagers this week – so now it’s time to squeeze them into one terrifying team. But who gets the nod?   
9 November 2017
Athletic, with an eye for goal and a killer pass, Havertz is showing all the signs of becoming a complete midfielder. When he's not missing Champions League games because of exams, that is...
8 November 2017
This lot have only just missed out on the top 10; featuring the second-best American and a defender who makes Klopp want to cry
28 October 2017
Barcelona have been credited with an interest in Julian Brandt, but the Bayer Leverkusen star is not getting carried away.
28 September 2017
It isn’t just you, Monaco – these European club sides had their best players sold from under them before they could achieve ultimate glory


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