Carlos Tevez
10 March 2020
Manchester United and Boca Juniors make the cut for Carlos Tevez's top three career moments whilst Manchester City are snubbed.
Lionel Messi Diego Maradona Argentina
25 February 2020
Diego Maradona believes there are unfair amounts of pressure on Lionel Messi, but hopes Napoli can beat Barcelona in the Champions League.
Carlos Tevez Boca Juniors
23 January 2020
Manchester United are reportedly exploring the possibility of re-signing Carlos Tevez to fill the gap left by the injured Marcus Rashford.
Liverpool Borussia Dortmund
23 December 2019
As the 2010s come to a close, we've picked out the greatest matches of the last 10 years – featuring Champions League comebacks, Premier League deciders, World Cup shocks and much more
Ernesto Valverde
31 October 2019
Barcelona are hoping to poach promising defender Santiago Ramos Mingo off Boca Juniors before he’s signed a professional deal, say reports.
Wayne Rooney Everton
21 October 2019
They say you should never go back – but for these players, there was no place like home
Best football shirts
7 October 2019
The (footballing) pornography you can actually get away with looking at, lovingly curated by football shirt connoisseur Neal Heard. These best football shirts are just about safe for work...
Jurgen Klopp FourFourTwo
24 September 2019
Get your hands on the November 2019 issue of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print or on iPad and iPhone – from September 27


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