Zinedine Zidane
31 May 2018
After Zinedine Zidane resigned from Real Madrid having won three Champions Leagues in under three full seasons, his successor has almighty shoes to fill. As these examples show, it can be done - or it can go very wrong indeed
Nelson Vivas
19 April 2017
Argentina vs England at France 98, Di Canio’s infamous shove, Wenger’s revolution, the rise of Simeone... like a fighty, footballing Forrest Gump, the former right-back has been history’s witness
Queen Elizabeth, Bobby Moore, 1966
13 December 2016
Tinfoil hats at the ready as FFT reveals the game’s most radical claims – from Messi’s coded passing patterns to Lasagne-gate...
11 March 2016
Argentina's World Cup-winning former boss Carlos Bilardo says Lionel Messi is one of the best in the world now – but not of all time.
13 January 2016
Carlos Bilardo - who coached Argentina when Diego Maradona led them to World Cup glory - does not see Lionel Messi as one of the best ever.
3 June 2014
Argentina arrived a divided team with their coach about to be fired, but then a brave decision to make Maradona skipper made all the difference... 
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