Nelson Vivas
19 April 2017
Argentina vs England at France 98, Di Canio’s infamous shove, Wenger’s revolution, the rise of Simeone... like a fighty, footballing Forrest Gump, the former right-back has been history’s witness
Queen Elizabeth, Bobby Moore, 1966
13 December 2016
Tinfoil hats at the ready as FFT reveals the game’s most radical claims – from Messi’s coded passing patterns to Lasagne-gate...
11 March 2016
Argentina's World Cup-winning former boss Carlos Bilardo says Lionel Messi is one of the best in the world now – but not of all time.
13 January 2016
Carlos Bilardo - who coached Argentina when Diego Maradona led them to World Cup glory - does not see Lionel Messi as one of the best ever.
3 June 2014
Argentina arrived a divided team with their coach about to be fired, but then a brave decision to make Maradona skipper made all the difference... 
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