Best football boots for flat feet 2022: The latest ranges from Nike, Adidas, Puma and more

Best football boots for flat feet
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If you are struggling to find football boots that can accommodate your foot shape, you may want to find the best football boots for flat feet. 

Having the right boots can make a huge difference to a player's game, with certain ranges specifically designed for those that require a little additional comfort. FFT has been dedicating itself to categorising designs to make boot shopping easier for you. If you're simply looking for the best football boots out right now, be sure to check out our other reviews.

But here you'll find the best football boots for flat feet...

New Balance 442 review

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New Balance V2 442 Pro

Sturdy, stylish and comfortable

Vintage design
Comfort over style

In our New Balance V2 442 Pro review, comfort was the key recipient of our praise. The boots are sturdy, offer a flatter foundation for all foot types and fit nice and snug. 

This is what all football boots used to feel like: soft leather slippers that could thwack a rain-soaked ball top bins with might. Yet with the colour choices, the new lowercase New Balance logo on the heel and the ridged material around the ankle, these things feel not like relics of the past but callbacks, perfectly suited to football in 2022. New trends may come and go – but the 442 always has a place in the game.

Adidas Copa Mundial

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Adidas Copa Mundial

The definitive Adi boot

Utterly timeless
Cheaper than most
Flatter soleplate 

One for the old guard and hipsters alike, there's simply nothing like the Copa Mundial football boots, no matter how many times Adidas reinvent the wheel. 

For the sheer comfort, nostalgia and reliability, it's virtually impossible to top these brilliant boots, with buttery soft K-leather ensuring your feet have room to breathe while staying warm and dry. The Adidas Copa Mundial has a flatter soleplate than almost any other football boot on the market, meaning they're ideal if your feet require a more level surface to perform at their best. Iconic and built for your comfort. 

Sokito Devista

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Sokito Devista

An eco-friendly design from a new market player

Quality K-leather
Flatter soleplate

In our recent Sokito Devista review, we praised the eco-friendly intentions of the newest football boot to break into the market. These boots are made using recycled plastic, yet still offer a soft K-leather upper and come in a stunning range of colours. 

Another thing that caught our eye was how solid and flat the soleplate was. While that won't be for everybody, it does mean that the Devistas could be an ideal solution for any footballer with flatter feet looking for something more stable and comfortable to play in. 

How we test football boots

Here at FourFourTwo, our boot testing procedure is all about getting boots on our feet and personally trying them out in kickabouts, training sessions and matches. Our writers test each pair over a number of weeks, in various playing conditions, in order to get a proper idea of what they're like on a football pitch. 

This is the best way to find out if boots are better suited for firmer or softer ground, what level of traction they offer and how else they're geared towards improving a player's game. We're passionate about football boots and regularly attend launch events and Q&As to get as much information as possible from manufacturers and designers before we begin. 

All of our reviews are honest (despite working with brands, nobody can "buy" a good review from us) and we always have real footballers in mind when giving recommendations. 

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