Bigmouth strikes again: Cloughie, Ali and Carry On

âÂÂFootball hooligans? Well thereâÂÂs 92 club chairman for a startâ - Brian Clough

Brian Clough was the Muhammad Ali of British football. The tragedy for him â and Peter Taylor â was that he couldnâÂÂt fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee himself. He had to cajole, charm and bully 11 players into doing that for him on the pitch.

He managed with the conviction of a messiah even if many (especially in the football business) regarded him not as a messiah but as a very naughty boy.

For much of his career â at Hartlepools (as he called it), Derby and Nottingham Forest â CloughâÂÂs teams were almost as eloquent as he was.

The dark exception, his 44 days at Leeds United, forms the gloomy heart of Tony HooperhâÂÂs remarkable movie The Damned United, based on the even more remarkable novel by David Peace.

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