FourFourTwo Long Read: Chelsea, Eden Hazard and the unfamiliar pain of letting greatness go

Football is a transitory, market-driven business. We know this – it's a mindset we've been forced to adopt in the post-oil money era. Marquee signing not cutting the mustard? Bin him. Last season's title-winning manager on a four-game losing run? P45 the prick. Beloved 20th-century stadium not fit for a multi-platform global brand? Raze it to the ground.

Any fan of a 'big team' not prepared to think like this is surely in for a rough old time. For the modern football fan, the concept of sentimentality has become highly illogical; sometimes borderline absurd. Yet for some reason, a vast number of us continue to watch the game on outdated emotional hardware – as if we can't quite bring ourselves to treat football like the profit-driven exercise it is.

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