FIFA 17 coins: 5 ways to earn them legally in the game

FIFA 17 coins

Tired of having to pay to win? Fraser Gilbert shows you how to pick up FUT coins for free

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It’s no secret that Ultimate Team is one of EA’s most lucrative properties. Yet, while it might entice thousands to dip into their pockets to acquire its best players, there’s no actual requirement to do so. Instead, those who adopt a strategic, patient approach can achieve FUT success without ever needing to resort to real-world cash. 

So, forget the FIFA Points. Forget the coin sites. Instead, we’ve collated five of the easiest ways to bolster your in-game currency in FUT 17. Both beginners and veterans alike can benefit from these strategies, and importantly, they’re easy to get to grips with. Let’s take a look... 

1. Catalogue coin boosts

If you’re new to FIFA Ultimate Team, you might be unaware of the EAS FC Catalogue. Accessible through a click of the right-stick, it contains a set of rewards you can unlock by playing games and completing XP-heavy tasks such as playing Career Mode and The Journey. 

As you unlock more rewards, you’ll gain access to Ultimate Team bonuses. Arguably the most essential of these are coin boosts, offering the ability to increase match earnings by anywhere up to 1,000 coins over a set amount of games. An added benefit is that friends can gift these rewards too, so it pays to be nice to your mates. 

​2. Mass biding

There are many ways to engage in trading on the FUT transfer market, and mass bidding is one of the most popular examples. You need to be careful with how often you do this though, as utilising this strategy too rapidly (along with the ‘sniping’ method) appears to trigger EA’s bot/spam filter, potentially resulting in temporary market bans. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Seek out your chosen player
  • Find their lowest Buy Now price on the market
  • Multiply it by .95 to account for in-game tax
  • Subtract that figure by 100-300 coins
  • Bid at that price repeatedly

If successful, this method should help you to snag the odd bargain. You’ll then be able to resell those cards at the lowest Buy Now price you discovered earlier, helping to gain a slight profit on each sale. If you’re not getting any luck this way, try experimenting with different leagues, teams and players.