No Kaka, no cry as Pato takes on the Olympics

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Early this week, coach Dunga announced Kaká was fundamental to his plans for the upcoming Olympic tournament in Beijing. But Milan’s answer came as rapidly and predictably as a 3am picture of Amy Winehouse falling over: no, no, no. Backed by Fifa’s ruling, the Italians announced they won’t release the current World Best Player. They will make available only their under-23 athletes – in other words, Alexandre Pato.

The gaffer didn’t like it, obviously. He complained Kaká should have made a bigger effort to convince the club to let him go, since the Olympics are Brazil’s main goal in 2008.

Kaka (back) and Pato: "You go, son, I'll stay"

Poor Dunga. More than anyone, he should have known better. It wasn’t going to happen. After all, Kaká’s commitment to the national team, unfortunately, has been a plain joke. Generally, Kaká has been acting like he’s very important to the Seleção. He should learn it’s the other way around for any player, from Pelé to Ronaldo, from Zico to Adriano.

Last year, he turned down the call to the Copa America. For those who don’t remember, the Milan star said he was “tired”, and indeed was granted the rest. (Ronaldinho did the same thing. Meanwhile, Robinho and a fully-fledged Argentina showed up for the neighbourly clash in Venezuela.)

Personally, I warmly welcome the veto from the Italians. To me, Brazil’s chance of gold in Beijing increases significantly if the Milan prima donna isn’t around. If he goes, Dunga will build the squad to play around him. Just like in Germany, when he and Ronaldinho were supposed to be the stars – and all we got was deep frustration.

Now, it’s Robinho’s turn to be Brazil’s leader. The Madrid ace showed in Copa America that he’s a natural, guiding a young team to the title by trashing star-filled Argentina 3-0. Besides, in the Olympics, he can team up with young gun Alexandre Pato – who, by the way, could do the job by himself, if needed. I’ve already said here Pato’s the real deal; it’s a matter of time until he takes on the lead in Milan. (Ancelotti’s departure from Rossoneri hot seat would surely speed things up.)

If given the opportunity, Robinho and Alexandre Pato can start in Beijing a long and successful partnership. Ronaldinho and Kaká will be history before they make it.

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