Video stars: Own-goals, c**k-ups & orange balls

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VIDEO ROUND-UP!'s digest of the week's best – and funniest – action... 

We know what you like. You're human, so you like to see other people's misfortune.

And if Mel Brooks was right when he said "Tragedy is when I cut my finger; comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die," then there's only one clip to kick off this week's retrospective of the rewatchable.

Life's hard enough for Athletic Bilbao boss Joaquin Caparros, bearing the hopes of a (semi-official) nation by struggling to keep the Basque-only side from suffering their first ever relegation.

And then, while leaping to celebrate a goal that didn't happen, he smacks his bonce on the dugout roof. No wonder he then turns and considers punching it.

Caparros 0-1 Dugout 


We know you love own-goals, too, so we keep an eye out for them. The first comes right at the beginning of this clip of Mallorca vs Malaga; attempting to defend the goal to the left, hapless home defender Ramis succeeds only in executing a Linekeresque near-post finish.

There was obviously something in the Spanish water last weekend, because Almeria's Pellerano was at it as well, nodding home expertly – also at the near post, even if it's the far side from the TV cameras. Add in his comedy headband and it's like Eric Young in his prime.

Those were the days... 


Another popular sub-species of videos is the goalkeeping howler. Firstly, a soft goal let in by a flapping Brazilian. No, no that one; Genoa's Rubinho won't be proud of letting this 20-yarder from Ousmane Dabo (remember him, Leeds fans?) squirm through his fingers.

Nor will Bordeaux's Mathieu Valverde regale his grandchildren with the tale of the day he came hurtling out of his safety zone against Rennes, succeeding only in gifting the visitors' Thomert a tap-in.  

Meanwhile, having spilled a routine shot to Sporting Gijon striker Diego Castro, Betis goalkeeper Espinosa Castro will have been glad to see his team-mate Monzon level matters with a cracking 35-yard left-footer.

"My wife's gonna kill me..." 


Which brings us neatly to the positive end of our round-up. We'll chuckle at calamity but we'll also applaud attractive goals, and there have been a few over the past week.

Firstly, Karim Benzema is expected to leave Lyon this summer, and no wonder when when the well-built frontman can receive the ball with his back to goal 40 yards out, power towards goal and suddenly unleash a 20-yarder into the corner like this

Fans of the dribble-and-batter school of goalery will also like the cut of PSV defender Rodriguez's jib. As you can see here (particularly on the replays), Heracles allowed the Brazilian to amble ominously from centre circle to the edge of the box, whereupon...

Also raising eyebrows was Getafe's Manu, who stunned Barcelona by passing it into the bottom corner from 25 yards.

Closer in, but no less impressive, hats off to Frank Demouge for scoring Willem II's third against Groningen with an overhead kick so rapidly executed you may well require the replay.

All this in heavy snow with a good old-fashioned orange ball, too.

From overhead kicks to free-kicks, and it's not just David James who's had to pick out a pealer this week. Ronaldinho had already proved at the weekend that he can find the near corner as well as he obviously can the far, while Franck Ribery unplugged Energie Cottbus and Reggina's Francesco Cozza did for Atalanta in similar style.  



Hoffenheim have come a long way from the German equivalent of non-league to challenging for the Bundesliga title, but they still retain the odd vestige of amateurishness.

Take this, for example. Their free-kick is bent dangerously in, away from the goalkeeper, and all the chap on the end has to do is nod it home and... ah. That's a finish to shame even the worst Weekend Wonder... 

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