14 April 2019
We couldn’t let the final season begin without assessing the time each Prem boss would last in this vicious world, could we? Apparently not
Rumbelows Sprint Challenge
12 April 2019
In 1992, a group of TV execs came up with an idea as brilliant as it was simple: get players from all 92 league clubs to sprint for the right to call themselves the game’s fastest (and win a new telly)
Premier League TV
25 March 2019
What better way to spend your holidays than pretending to be from Lagos and chatting with some of the biggest names in football media? 
Cyril the Swan, Zampa the Lion
25 March 2019
Euro 2020’s humanoid mascot Skillzy has been revealed to minimal fanfare, so we suggest a tear-up to make things more interesting. Take heed from this…
Phil Jones
18 March 2019
Manchester United defender Phil Jones has revealed that his friends tease him with pictures of his amusing facial expressions on a daily basis.
Pontus Jansson in goal, Leeds
16 March 2019
Leeds's poor Pontus Jansson got injured and then had to replace a red-carded Kiko Casilla against Sheffield United. Here's the best – and most comical stories – of those unlikely souls who donned the gloves
Paul Scholes
15 March 2019
There were some differences in Scholes’s vision and the chairman’s, Back of the Net reports
Jack Grealish punch
11 March 2019
Supporters demand to know why more likeable player not attacked, Back of the Net reveal


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