Aaron Wan-Bissaka explains how he became one of the Premier League's best one-versus-one defenders

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka has picked out Raheem Sterling as the toughest opponent he has faced.

The right-back turned in a fine performance against Sterling in United's 2-1 victory over Manchester City earlier this month.

But Wan-Bissaka maintains that he found it difficult to contain the England international at the Etihad Stadium.

And the former Crystal Palace man also explained how he became a full-back after playing as a winger during his time in the south London club's academy.

“It has gone so quick, such a short space of time, but I'm happy with the chance I was given in that position. I don't regret it,” he told the Daily Mail.

"But the change hasn't been massive to me. I always had that defensive mindset when I was an attacker.

“I used to love tackling as well. When I played right wing, left wingers would beat the right back and I'd be recovering and getting the tackles in. That's where it really started.

“Because I've been in a winger's position I know how to think at times. Where you see space down the line you take it. That's what I like to give them. I don't like anything going past me. Anything. And I like to keep it that way.”

"I knew it was going to be a long game [against Sterling. He is one of the best wingers in the Premier League and I knew I had to step up my game.

“It's a good feeling, especially a player like him with his ability. It took real concentration because he can go in or out and has got pace.

“He's probably faster than me so that was a game I had to really focus on and actually go hard at it.

“Was that the toughest battle of my career? Yes, but since my debut with Crystal Palace no winger is going to be easy.

“It's going to be a challenge every game and they are only going to get harder with the better players you come up against.”


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