Blazer: Game will emerge better from crisis

DALLAS - CONCACAF general secretary Chuck Blazer, whose report to FIFA led to the suspension of two vice-presidents of football's world governing body, believes the game will emerge better from the current crisis.

Blazer, speaking to reporters at half-time in the opening game of CONCACAF's Gold Cup at Cowboy Stadium, admitted fans were confused by the political battle in his organisation, which has seen president Jack Warner and his interim replacement Lisle Austin both suspended.

At the same time, Blazer, who is also a member of FIFA's Executive Committee, said his own actions in detailing the allegations of bribery showed the organisations were trying to get things in order.

"I think what preceded all of this is something that says we believe in all the right things," he said.

"I think they can have confidence in the future because this is a major effort to do things in the right way and if we accomplish that by the end of this entire process, we will have done a lot of good and for the right reasons.

"We are working hard at doing the right things," he added, while declining to answer questions about the details of recent cases or the current FIFA investigation into Warner.

The American said he understood that supporters of the game in the CONCACAF region would, however, be somewhat baffled by recent events.

"It's regrettable that from a political point of view that there is some confusion but that will be resolved," he said.

"I know that FIFA and ourselves want to have the situation to be resolved and resolved for the better. Everything is in good hands and you can see things are normal at the stadium, my feelings are very positive for this tournament."

Blazer said that despite the turmoil in CONCACAF, which included an attempt by Austin to have him removed, the Gold Cup, the 12-nation tournament held at 13 venues in the United States this month, was going ahead without any hitches.

"I can assure that things are normal, that it is business as usual. This is very much the Cup that you have seen before and the Cup you will see in the future and everything is being done by the direction of the executive committee and I am in place as the general secretary," he said.