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Conte introduces bans for unhappy subs

Conte has introduced the rule to his players after midfielder Andrea Pirlo walked straight up the tunnel after being withdrawn from the field in Juventus' 2-1 win over Hellas Verona on Sunday.

The 44-year-old insisted Pirlo would not face disciplinary action, as there had been no rule in place prior to the weekend.

"As far as Pirlo is concerned, there was no need for a clarification because he didn't do anything which was not allowed," Conte said.

"Before it, there had never been the need to have a rule but from now on there is a rule and it is valid for all players.

"The rule is that when a player leaves the pitch, unless he is injured and is on a stretcher and has to see the doctor, he has to stay on the bench to watch the match with his team-mates.

"This rule didn't exist before but now it exists and it has to be followed by everyone, otherwise players will have to pay a fine to the club and will have to be out of the squad for a month.

"I believe it's very easy (to understand)."

With a mid-week Serie A fixture against Chievo on Wednesday shaping as Juve's fourth game of a run of seven in just 22 days, Conte said he would be making necessary changes to keep his squad fresh.

"I wouldn't say that we have two days to get ready for the match. We have only one day because yesterday's training was used to ease the players involved in the last match back into action," Conte said.

"We have to get ready for the match in one day and therefore we have to be extremely focused.

"I'll keep on rotating players tomorrow.

"We're in the middle of a series of seven consecutive matches, tomorrow we'll be playing the fourth match and then there will be the derby match against Torino and then the matches against Galatasaray and Milan.

"We have to keep on rotating players and work at our best with the players not involved in a match. As I have said before, it's essential to combine training with matches."