El-Hadji Diouf claims racist abuse

Blackburn Rovers striker El-Hadji Diouf has claimed Everton fans threw bananas at him during Sunday’s Premier League match at Goodison Park.

Diouf has recently been the subject of a police investigation following accusations of racist abuse towards a ball-boy, but the Senegal international maintains his innocence and is adamant he was the victim.

NEWS, Mon 21 Sep: Diouf faces police probe

“People threw bananas at me, and the referee told me he would report this to the police,” Diouf said.

“I have had problems before but never anything like the ones I had on Sunday. I don't want to let this matter rest.”

The former Liverpool forward has a reputation as a trouble-maker following several high-profile incidents involving spitting, but refutes allegations he is a racist and admitted his frustration surrounding the events of the weekend.

“I didn't even speak to him,” Diouf insisted.

“The ball went out and I wanted to take the throw in quickly. The ball-boy threw the ball at me like a bone to a dog.

“I just told the assistant ref that the ball-boy should respect the players. And after that I left. But people in the stands said I aimed racist words to the kid.

“I've had other problems, of spitting or fighting on the pitch, but not of racism. I understand that they don't love me at Everton. But to say that I aimed racist words to a child means anything goes.”

A spokesman for Everton Football Club confirmed, “The only investigation being undertaken is into the allegations against El Hadji Diouf.

“There is no investigation ongoing into the behaviour of Everton