Ferguson defends Scholes 'dark side'

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has renewed his war of words with old rival Arsene Wenger after the Arsenal boss’ negative comments about Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes.

The Frenchman, while conceding that the veteran was one of the greatest players in English, football also delivered a stinging assessment of his character claiming that Scholes had a 'dark side' which Wenger did not like.

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Ferguson took a very dim view of the Gunners manager’s words and reacted with a resolute defence of his player.

"I don't know why Arsene Wenger said that," said the Scot. 

"When you are asked your opinion about someone with the ability and performance level of Paul Scholes I don't see why you should say that."

Sir Alex also added a slight barb towards Arsenal’s own players but refused to be drawn on names before commending the 36-year-old playmaker for his commitment and contribution to the English game.

"It is very easy to look at the dark side of any player. I could say it about one of the Arsenal players in particular and everybody knows that but there is no need.

"Paul [Scholes] is not the best tackler but he has not injured anyone in his time here.

 You should focus on the strengths and abilities he shows and also the contribution he has made to English football over 18 years. It is phenomenal."

By Paul Wentworth

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