Feyenoord launch staffing agency

AMSTERDAM - Loss-making Dutch club Feyenoord launched a staffing agency on Friday, hoping off-field success in the new venture will help improve its finances and prove a boost for its supporters, the premiere league club said.

The club said in a statement it had launched a website which translates as 'Feyenoord works' and where Feyenoord fans could search and apply for jobs in the Rotterdam region, the Dutch port city where the club is based.

Feyenoord, which has met with limited on-field success in recent years, made a loss of 16.9 million euros in the 2008-2009 season, has laid-off more than 25 people, and is expecting a loss between 3 and 4 million euros for the current season.

"'Feyenoord works' can be seen as a concept that not only helps to improve our financial position but also as a logical consequence of Feyenoord's goal to more generally play a role in society," Feyenoord commercial director Mark Koevermans said.

Half of the profit the staffing agency will make goes to the club, which is working together with existing local staffing agency de Rotterdamse.

Feyenoord, currently fourth in the national premiere league, failed to qualify for the European UEFA tournament after a disappointing performance last season.

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