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Gary Holt explains decision to reject Kilmarnock request to postpone match

Livingston v Rangers – Scottish Premiership – Tony Macaroni Arena
(Image credit: Craig Williamson)

Livingston manager Gary Holt claims their duty of care to their players ensured there was no chance of moving their game against Kilmarnock.

Killie requested Saturday’s game be postponed for several days to allow their squad more time to train following a period of mass self-isolation brought on by six Covid-19 cases.

But Livingston rejected the request as they want a full week to prepare for their game against Rangers on October 25.

Holt said: “It was above my pay grade. I will let the people above me decide what’s best.

“To move it to Tuesday or whenever it was would impact our preparation for our big game the following week.

“I’m governed by what’s decided and I’m happy with what’s decided. We have to think about our boys’ preparation.

“It’s not looking out for yourselves. We know we have a very curtailed season as it is. You also have a duty of care to your players too.

“We have games coming up and there’s no free time for us to push games back.”

Other clubs have already been hit with less widespread disruption because of coronavirus and Holt expects every club to be affected at some point.

“It’s becoming more and more widespread,” the former Kilmarnock player said.

“I didn’t know anyone that had it in March, April, May, now I know lots of people that are getting it it. It’s going to happen because society is opening back up.

“It’s going to happen to everyone, every club, every walk of life.

“I don’t think we will go through this season and have everyone available. We will deal with it and get on with it. We are all in the same boat.”

However, Holt added: “There has to be some leeway. Like with Kilmarnock, there is going to be an investigation. Why is there an investigation? Just because it’s a football club. It’s going to happen to us all.”

Holt does not expect his former club to be weakened by their experience.

“I think they will be back to full strength,” he said. “They were back training on Wednesday with the full squad.

“So we know what we are going to be up against and sometimes you have got to guard against the animals being backed up into a corner and they come out fighting.

“They are a good side, Alex (Dyer) has got them well drilled, so I’m not sitting here thinking it’s going to be any different just because they have had a couple of weeks in self-isolation.”