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Guardiola: No problem with Matthaus and Effenberg comments

Pep Guardiola is unperturbed by criticism from Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus and also has no problem with recent comments made by Stefan Effenberg.

Former Germany captain Matthaus stated that Jose Mourinho is the best coach in the world as he is more "transparent and direct" than Bayern boss Guardiola.

Ex-Bayern and Germany midfielder Effenberg spoke of his belief that Guardiola will leave the Bundesliga champions at the end of next season, as the Spaniard continues to be linked with a move to Manchester City.

Guardiola resisted the temptation to engage in a war of words with the duo when speaking at a press conference on Monday.

"You [the media] criticise me as well. You do. It is your job. I do my things and you criticise me for them. If this legend of the club works as a journalist he can do so as well." said the former Barcelona coach.

"In this moment Effenberg and Matthaus are journalists. And of course they are allowed of their opinion. I don't know if he is the best but Jose Mourinho is definitely one of the best coaches in the world.

"So it's not a problem for me. I have said it lots of times. I’m not here to be the best coach in the world but to do my best for the club and the players here. This is my goal.

"When we coaches win, everything is all right. When we lose then all of the sudden we cause a lot of drama and the players weren't able to understand us. When we win then we show great talent. It all depends on the result my friend."