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Hiddink hoping for Terry resolution

Guus Hiddink is hopeful John Terry will reach an agreement with Chelsea to remain at the club beyond this season.

Following Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Premier League champions Leicester City on Sunday, Terry reiterated his desire to continue his career at Stamford Bridge.

The club captain is currently considering an offer of a one-year extension, though he has disclosed it would see him operate in a "different role".

Hiddink is happy there is a dialogue between Chelsea and Terry and would like to see a resolution reached.

"First of all I'm happy that they are now in contact and they are talking, and for me it's not good to speculate," said the Dutchman.

"Personally, I hope they will manage to come to a solution. When they are talking then I don't think I should spoil it by starting to speculate.

"He is still, although 35, physically fit and mentally very fit, so he can contribute a lot wherever he wants to play."

Sunday's draw was Hiddink's final game in interim charge after replacing Jose Mourinho in December, with Antonio Conte taking over for next season.

He confirmed he will remain involved with Chelsea in the future, assisting in their youth development.

"I haven't felt tears going over my cheeks, but of course it's always emotional. But not that dramatic because I think I will be back, not very soon, but every now and then," Hiddink said.

"Not in the limelight, just hidden a bit, because what I like – and we talked about it a bit – is to help out with the academy boys. So I won't say a crying goodbye because after the summer and autumn I will be back."

The 69-year-old joked he knows it would be bad news for the club if he gets another call in December, but fully expects Chelsea to return to the upper echelons of the Premier League next season.

"It would be very bad for Chelsea if I get called in December. No, I have full confidence they will go up now in this period.

"They'll make their analysis and they'll go up where they belong, and that's fighting for silverware and being in the top four.

"I think this season we were all very aware of what other clubs can do - now Leicester, we have seen Tottenham but also West Ham.

"Other clubs are knocking on the door and having more financial backing in the next season, and maybe with smart recruiting from the clubs I don't think it's a done deal that the four established clubs from the past are the four established clubs for the future."