Huracan fans killed fighting among themselves

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina's chronic football violence flared up again on Sunday when fans of title favourites Huracan clashed and left two dead and two badly injured, hospital sources said on Monday. Fighting among rival factions of fans of the same team began at halftime in their 3-0 home win over Arsenal and, with many brandishing guns and knives, worsened in the streets around the stadium in Parque Patricios after the match.

"They clashed at the hospital entrance and when we heard gunfire we called the police," the manager of local Penna hospital, Jorge Bilecio told reporters.

Chief duty doctor Angela Toscano said: "A first group of wounded people, all between 28 and 30 years old, arrived (at the hospital) on Sunday around 9.30pm, one with a bullet wound close to his heart who died.

"Another patient with a chest wound was operated on but died at 7.40am today (Monday)," she added.

She said another man "with a knife wound was in critical condition".

Toscano said some of the wounded fled from the hospital after treatment and without being discharged, one man with a head wound and another with a leg fracture.

Huracan's young team have been a breath of fresh air in the first division this season with a stylish attacking game that has left them on the brink of the club's second title when they meet Velez Sarsfield in the decider next weekend.

The unofficial organisation "Let's save football" which campaigns against violence in the game has a list on its website of 236 people who have lost their lives in football-related violence in Argentina since 1924.