Kanchelskis slams 'overrated' Arshavin

Former Manchester United winger Andrei Kanchelskis has slammed “overrated” Arsenal midfielder Andrei Arshavin for his inconsistencies in the Premier League. 

Kanchelskis - a huge hit in the Premier League with spells at Old Trafford and Everton - has hit out at his compatriot for only producing against so-called lesser sides in the division.

Arshavin is one of Russia’s most popular players following his exploits in the 2008 European Championships, but fellow countryman Kanchelskis has criticised the midfielder for his form ever since the tournament.

“To start with, Arshavin seldom plays for 90 minutes and is usually substituted in the second half. When he plays each match from start to finish, then we will see.

"In the first match [of the season] against Liverpool, you didn’t see him in the box. A week later Blackpool conceded six goals, Arshavin took a penalty and scored.

“But you need to understand the level of the opponent.

"And then Blackburn, who he scored the winning goal against, are far from a top club."

Arshavin has been plagued with inconsistencies during his time with the Gunners, something Kanchelskis believes is overlooked by many supporters.

His popularity in Russia is still high thanks to his Premier League status, but former Premier League star Kanchelskis believes judgement of the midfielder has been clouded.

"In my opinion, Arshavin is overrated. He has been praised too much. He hasn’t shown brilliance for a very long time.

"The main thing is consistency, which Arshavin doesn’t have."

By Joe Brewin    

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