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Klopp: La Liga the best in the world

Jurgen Klopp has hailed La Liga as the best domestic competition in world football ahead of Liverpool's Europa League final against two-time defending champions Sevilla in Basle.

Spanish sides have dominated European competition in recent years, with Sevilla's success mirrored by Real Madrid and Barcelona winning the Champions League in 2014 and 2015 respectively. This year's final will be contested by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Klopp told a news conference: "It's the best football country I would say, a combination of good managers, scouting, good education of players.

"Lots of young players from South America like to go to Spain because they can settle in. There are a lot of reasons, but at this moment La Liga is the highest level and it is the job of everybody else to reach this level and pass them.

"Germany were the last world champions, then Spain [before them], so things can change!

"Spain's status is deserved, but hopefully on Wednesday nobody will see it."

Sevilla could only manage a seventh-placed finish in La Liga but Klopp remains wary of Unai Emery's men.

Asked if Liverpool need to pay particular attention to one of Sevilla's players, he replied: "I really don't like to put my finger on these players. It depends where we show weaknesses. They can only be as strong as we let them be.

"The target is that nobody talks too much about Sevilla's decisive players, they talk about ours.

"I have big respect for the whole Sevilla squad. Both teams have taken this tournament seriously."

Klopp will have his side well drilled to thwart Sevilla's bid to become the first side to win the Europa League or the UEFA Cup, as it was formerly known, three times in succession.

"Organisation [is the most important thing]," he said. "To be prepared for moments to play the last pass.

"If you are a neutral viewer, then it is easy to enjoy watching two teams on the highest level.

"In a final, you need to be ready to make mistakes when the whole world is watching. Football doesn't work without mistakes. It's about finding the next solution.

"It's concentration, using your skills on the highest level."