La Liga strike would have caused 'serious organisational disorder'

A strike in Spanish football would have led to "serious organisational disorder", according to the High Court which quashed the movement.

The High Court order which suspended the proposed strike in Spanish football has said any such movement would have caused "serious organisational disorder".

Last week, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced plans to suspend all domestic competition from May 16 over an ongoing dispute with the government relating to the distribution of television money.

The strike earned the support of the Spanish players' union (AFE), but it was challenged by the Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) and on Thursday the High Court found in the league's favour.

"The court order, concurring with the arguments put forward by La Liga, states that a strike would prevent professional competitions being organised by this sporting association, therefore provoking "serious organisational disorder", adding "it would be very difficult to resolve the remaining fixtures given the international commitments of the Spain team and other clubs, as well as the footballers’ holidays," an LFP statement read.

"The court order calls for the suspension of the strike called by the AFE, and which, on behalf of La Liga, will present a legal guarantee in front of the court before 1500 on Thursday. Said guarantee has been adopted by La Liga in the Social Court Room of the National High Court and, therefore, in agreement with the arguments put forward by La Liga, the strike promoted by the AFE has been suspended and declared null.

"The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, this morning attended part of the plenary session in the Spanish Congress, which will ratify the Royal Decree 5/2015 of 30 April concerning the distribution of television rights in Spanish football.

"Upon arriving in Congress, Javier Tebas said:  'The cronyism between the AFE and RFEF has been displayed for everyone to see. Now there will be football.'"

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