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Livingston boss Gary Holt wants more clarity on Scottish football suspension

Livingston manager Gary Holt has asked for more clarity on the length of Scottish football’s suspension.

The game’s authorities have announced a suspension “until further notice” while Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster added that all fixtures this weekend and next midweek had been postponed.

But Livi have told their players to report for training on Monday in case their game against Aberdeen goes ahead on March 21.

With an international break to follow, it appears unlikely any games will take place over that weekend, with English football postponed until at least April 4.

But Holt has to prepare to take on Aberdeen as it stands.

Holt said: “I’d like to follow suit in what’s happening down south and other countries that have postponed to a specific date.

“It’s still a wee bit up in the air with it ‘until further notice’. That doesn’t give us a chance to plan.

“I think something had to be done but hopefully they will get their heads together and come up with a specific date that we are closing down till and we know when to focus for.

“Everybody and their dog knew it was going to be coming. Why not just make it a definitive date? It clarifies for everyone.

“We are still coming in every day. We are still planning as if we are going to be playing next week.

“We will be back in on Monday planning and preparing for maybe playing next Saturday.”

With clubs and businesses in general missing out on income for an indefinite period, Holt believes there will need to be goodwill across football and society in general.

“We have had some discussions about it but it’s going to have a massive knock-on effect,” he said.

“You are going to have to have goodwill across the board from everybody, and that’s not just in football, that’s in every walk of life, from small business, locally-run businesses.

“We all talk about looking after each other, this is where it’s going to come to the fore, to see who is prepared to stand up and help each other.

“Or are we going to say ‘I’m all right Jack, don’t worry about you’?

“It’s going to have a massive impact on all walks of life.”