Mancini wants improved medical standards

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini is appalled the Premier League has not paid more attention to medical screenings in the past.

Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffering a cardiac arrest has brought the topic to the surface in the worst possible manner.

However, the 23-year-old has made good progress in his recovery and is able to communicate with friends and family and breathe independently.

The Italian is relieved that Muamba is recovering well from the incident on Saturday night, but he cannot understand how the Premier League has allowed players' safety to be put at risk.

"I was really worried on Sunday," Mancini said. "Today, I have read he has improved and I am very happy for him and his family.

"But if you want to know my opinion, it is that here in England, the best championship in the world, everything is fantastic. But we need to improve the medical side for the players.

"We need to screen the players often; maybe two times a year and they have to be more accurate, because they don't do this.

"When I saw our medical two years ago, I was really worried. I said we need to do them better."

Previous problems in Italy has resulted in far more stringent medical tests than the ones players in England undergo.

And Mancini cannot comprehend the idea that the Premier League, who recently confirmed they would review their medical standards, did not operate at the same standards as Serie A.

"It is impossible that a young guy could die on the pitch, because they didn't do a medical accurately," he added.

"I want all the players, not just ours, to have more accurate medicals.

"And always, not once a year. Every six months. This is really important for the players, because it is totally different today than it was 20 years ago. It is very important.

"What happened to Muamba and other players in the past can't happen again."