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Mourinho not focused on Guardiola rivalry

Mourinho's men face Bayern Munich at the Stadion Eden looking to make amends for their 4-1 loss to Atletico Madrid in last year's match. 

The former Real Madrid manager's relationship with his Bayern counterpart - and ex-Barcelona boss - Guardiola has dominated the pre-match talk, but Mourinho was not keen to speak about the topic on Thursday. 

The Portuguese has met the Spaniard on 15 occasions as a manager and won just three, compared to Guardiola's seven victories. 

"I don't want to discuss that (his history against Guardiola) because it's not important," Mourinho said. 

"Go and see what happened with Inter in the Champions League semi-final. The league records in Spain. The Copa del Rey in Spain. The Super Cup in Spain.

"If you want questions about Chelsea I'm here until four o'clock. If you want questions about Real Madrid and Barcelona, I'm not here.

"It's not about me and Pep. It's about Chelsea and Bayern Munich. It's about a Super Cup where the European champions are playing the Europa League champions. Pep is not a European champion and I'm not the Europa League champion. We're just coaching these teams. It's not about us. It's about Chelsea and Bayern."

Mourinho - like Bayern - has never won the Super Cup, but although he recognises the challenge in front of his side against the all-conqeuring German outfit, he still believes they can come away with a victory.

"It's a match that gives a trophy," he added. "If any one of us say we don't want to win it that's not true, but at the same time I have this profile of team, many young players.

"Because of the stability Bayern has, over the last years they have kept the same team and the same players, we can compete against them; when you compete eye to eye it means you think you can win, and we think we can."