Swansea style attracted new owners Kaplan and Levien

Swansea City have a pair of new majority shareholders after American duo Stephen Kaplan and Jason Levien completed their takeover.

New Swansea City majority shareholders Stephen Kaplan and Jason Levien have revealed the team's style of play attracted them to the club.

The pair were due to be unveiled at a news conference on Thursday, but the event was postponed due to a problem with the deal.

However, Kaplan and Levien have been confirmed as the club's new majority shareholders and the American duo revealed their plans for Swansea in a statement.

Kaplan and Levien lauded the Premier League and stressed they were looking for a club with a particular style of football.

"A number of people have asked us why the Premier League and why Swansea City?" the pair wrote on the club's website. "Quite simply we believe the Premier League is the greatest football league in the world.

"It has the greatest collection of players and, most importantly, it is the most competitive league, where on any given day any team in the league can beat another. We love the passion and the physical style of play. 

"Premier League matches are always high drama, where it feels as if anything can happen - and often does! We are blessed to have an opportunity to be owners in such an amazing league.

"Once we decided on the Premier League, we looked for a club that possessed a particular style of football on the pitch that we believe will give rise to sustainable long-term success."

Kaplan and Levien added the team will be their primary focus after taking over Swansea City, with the club's chairman Huw Jenkins having previously welcomed their arrival at the Liberty Stadium.

"Priority number one, two and three is the performance of the team on the pitch," they wrote, pledging to freeze ticket prices "for the foreseeable future". 

"We will field a competitive team that will battle every week against the greatest teams and players in the world. It is our intent and goal to be a long-term fixture in the Premier League that competes on a consistent basis with some of the finest teams in the world."