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Two 1860 Munich fans ordered to buy Bayern merchandise

A pair of 1860 Munich fans were ordered to buy a Bayern Munich fan merchandise by a German court - to avoid going to jail.

The 1860 supporters were alleged to have assaulted a Bayern supporter, and could have faced 15 months imprisonment.

The Bayern fan received around £350 from each of his attackers, who handed over a jersey, scarf and hat in court on Tuesday.

"I thought about what would be really painful to them, and doing something like this really bothers these type of people," judge Karin Jung told Bild.

Lawyer Gunter Reisinger, who defended the 1860 fans, said his clients had little choice.

"There are not two hardcore football fans who would prefer to go to jail than buy kit from the Bayern shop," he said.

"For my clients it was that or face the maximum penalty."