Video: Sutton's Wayne Shaw eats pie during Arsenal match

If there’s only one thing the non-league outfit take from their 2-0 loss to the Gunners, it’s that they’ve got a marketable figure in their reserve goalkeeper

20-stone Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Shaw was caught tucking into a pie in the 82nd minute of the National League side's FA Cup clash with Arsenal on Monday.

Before the game, which the Gunners won 2-0, The Sun were taking bets on 'The Roly-Poly Goalie' eating said food during the encounter, with odds of 8/1 offered. Any punters who took them up on that price would have had a huge grin on their face when they saw the 46-year-old gorging on the pastry in slow motion.

It had already been a busy day for Shaw, who was previously spotted vacuuming the away dugout before the match. Shaw was then seen in the bar at half-time, possibly sneaking in a cheeky pint as well.

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