Wenger calls for action against bad tackles

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has once again called on the Football Association to take a concerted stand against reckless and malicious tackling.

The Gunners' chief reiterated his stance following the injury sustained by midfielder Abou Diaby, caused by a challenge from Bolton Wanderers defender Paul Robinson last weekend.

"I do not have enough power. It is the referees, the people who watch the games who have the power," Wenger told reporters.

"I watched this tackle 10 times and it is an unfair tackle. Diaby was angry, he could have been sent off for over-reacting.

"The tackle was very bad. I cannot protect the players, only the FA can do that. I don't know if my views are taken seriously. I like commitment in football. What I hate the most is a player who is not committed and jumps out of the tackle.

"But to have a committed game you need to know that the intention of players is right, that they go for the ball.

"People think I protect my players and there is an interest there but no, I speak about football. It's not about me this story, it's about the players who play football with the right intention. Don't take me wrong, we make bad fouls as well, sometimes."

No further action will be taken by the Football Association against Robinson for his challenge.

Wenger was particularly concerned as the injury is to Diaby’s right ankle, which required surgery following a dislocation and fracture in 2006.

"Diaby had a scan on Monday. I was very anxious but the scan looks quite promising.

"We don't know how long he will be out but he will not play against Braga or this weekend."

By Luke Nicholls

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