World Cup vote irks Beckenbauer

FIFA Executive Committee member Franz Beckenbauer has spoken of his “limited faith” in world football's governing body over the nature of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup votes, won by Russia and Qatar respectively, and the controversy that has followed the announcement.

Beckenbauer was particularly displeased at how the number of votes each country received during the ballot has become public knowledge, when the committee was initially told that they would remain secret.

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The German, who remains the only player to captain and manage his country to World Cup glory, told national newspaper Bild: "The Executive Committee was told that neither we nor the public would get to know the precise voting figures.

"After each round of voting, we were only told which candidate had been knocked out. And then a few hours later, I hear on the radio who had received how many votes. My faith in FIFA is limited."

Beckenbauer, who has already announced his intention to step down from his position at FIFA in March, seems disillusioned with the way that world football’s governing body goes about its business.

‘Der Kaiser’ voiced his disappointment at the way FIFA has acted in the aftermath of the World Cup vote, held in Zurich on December 2.

He added: "I am disappointed with the way FIFA dealt with the result. The seven losing countries were treated disgracefully, particularly England and Australia.

"It's certainly affected my confidence in FIFA."

By Jamie Dickenson