Gary Lineker
4 September 2019
Can a moniker make or break a career? How did Mighty Mouse become the father of all German Kevins? Huw Davies uncovers the game’s bizarre and at times baffling nomenclature
Eric Cantona France
23 July 2018
Mesut Ozil says he just can’t go on with Germany, aged 29. Plenty under 30 have done the same before him, though… 
Roberto Baggio
5 June 2018
From the fin of Becks, to the curls of Carlos, to the holiest of ponytails: Nick Moore waxes lyrical about the most memorable World Cup hairdos
9 May 2018
Is Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar set for Real Madrid? He is according to former Blancos player Paul Breitner.
Pique Champions League goals
10 April 2018
Gerard Pique became the top-scoring stopper in Champions League history last week, so we’ve picked out some more of the most prolific players who started at the back
24 July 2017
The second Johan, two great goalkeepers and the English striker who scored 60 goals in one season
16 February 2017
The possession-heavy approach favoured by Pep Guardiola has come under the scrutiny of former Bayern Munich and Germany star Paul Breitner.
1 April 2016
World Cup winner and former Real Madrid star Paul Breitner talks Cristiano Ronaldo, MSN and El Clasico with Omnisport.
14 November 2015
Paul Breitner has hailed Bayern Munich's financial situation and has stressed they do not need any help from rich outsiders to compete.


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