Pavel Nedved

1 June 2017
Pavel Nedved enthused about Patrik Schick's potential, with Juventus hot favourites to secure the striker's signature.
Ronaldo, Real Madrid
The 'show us your medals' brigade would have a hard time criticising these superstars, although none have claimed Europe's biggest prize... yet
21 April 2017
After beating Barcelona in the Champions League, Juventus VP Pavel Nedved is looking to secure a new deal for coach Massimiliano Allegri.
23 March 2017
The Juventus legend has been afforded a privilege that only Queen Elizabeth II gets in England – well, sort of anyway. 
17 March 2017
Pavel Nedved believes Juventus have "improved a lot" as they prepare for a repeat of the 2015 Champions League final against Barcelona.
17 January 2017
Pavel Nedved has suggested Juventus are done in the January transfer market and do not plan any more signings.
12 December 2016
Pavel Nedved has stressed Porto can make life complicated for Juventus in the Champions League round of 16.
11 October 2016
Gianluigi Buffon's professionalism means he can continue playing for Juventus until he is 50, says Pavel Nedved.
3 June 2016
We look back at the surprising Greeks, the vanquished Portuguese and the lone Englishman that helped make up 2004's finest selection...
23 October 2015
After being confirmed as vice-president of Juventus, Pavel Nedved said he was honoured to be bestowed with such a role.


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