How to fix your injuries

Mo Gimpel, sports medicine and science manager at Southampton, tells you how to repair your knocks so you can get back out on the pitch

When you're injured you need to give your body time to repair, but the desire to play often overrides logic and you push through the pain. This just leads to more problems.

If you want to play pain free again you need to accept your injured, respect that your body is healing and do what you can to help this process.

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It's all about progressive rehabilitation, says Southampton's sports medicine and science manager, Mo Gimpel.

Try to cut corners and you will break down time and again. Watch this video and make sure you're doing the right things during your recovery with Gimpel's expert advice.

Mo Gimpel was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Wednesday, April 30 at the London Soccer Dome. For more information visit

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