Michael Ballack: Win the German way

When football fans thinks of Germany they think of efficiency and winning mentality.

The talent populating the ranks of their national team has varied over the years, but somehow, every two years, they always find a way to get results.

It’s in their DNA. Three World Cups and three European Championships underline that fact. Even when they play badly, they win. But why is this? Former Germany captain Michael Ballack thinks the answer lies in getting the basics right.

“We’re disciplined, competitive and organized – there are things the Germans are good at,” he told FFT.

“We mentally strong and prepared for every situation. Even if you are 1-0 down or 1-0 up, you don’t get over-confident or sloppy.”

If you want to inject Germany’s fighting spirit in to your team watch this video and listen to Ballack’s tutorial.

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