Prolong your playing days

Breath life into your aging legs with expert advice from Andy Barr, the New York Knicks' injury prevention and performance specialist

Nothing compares to playing. Every ex-footballer says it. Not management, not coaching, not punditry. Nothing can match the feeling of chasing a sphere around a field.

But, unfortunately the sands of time catch up with us all. Full throttle dashes soon turn into lung wrenching hobbles.

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However, with football dragging itself out of the dark ages to embrace sports science, players are extending their careers by swapping pints and pies for smoothies and spinach.

New York Knicks injury prevention and performance specialist, Andy Barr, knows what it feels like to have your playing days cut short after injury wrecked his football career.

Since then Barr has dedicated his career to ensure other players get the most out of their time on the field of battle.

If you want to keep your boots on your feet and off the changing room peg, let Andy explain the secret to extending your playing days.

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