Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleat review: The most comfortable elite cleat on the market

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 provide the perfect blend of comfort and style, and offer an all-round solution for players of all positions

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 review
(Image: © Future)

FourFourTwo Verdict

Super comfortable, reliable and durable, the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 are some of the most versatile soccer cleats around


  • +

    No 'wear-in' period – comfortable from the off

  • +

    Extremely light

  • +

    Range of colourways

  • +

    Suit defenders, midfielders and attackers equally

  • +

    Good for wide feet


  • -

    Lack a real niche

  • -


Nike's Tiempo Legend 9 is a huge leap forward for the iconic Tiempo range. One of the most comfortable and versatile cleats on the market, they're currently being worn by some of the world's best players.

Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker and Thibault Courtois are just three superstars that wore them throughout the 2021/22 season. Many midfielders and strikers also adopted the cleat last season, proving that the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is solid across the board and suits players of different skillsets and abilities, despite marketing itself primarily as a cleat for more attacking players. 

How we tested the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 review

(Image credit: Future)

For this review, FFT wore the cleats to several training sessions on artificial grass, before donning them for 90 minutes during a competitive 11-a-side match on natural grass. The pitch was quite dry and dusty and not the most even surface, so don't worry about a pristine surface bumping up the score. 

We tested a pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats in a UK size 10 (US 11/EUR 45/BR 43/CM 29 - Women's: UK 10/US 12/EUR 45/BR 43/CM 29).

Comfort and fit

FFT were pleasantly surprised by how much comfier and wider the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats felt than other cleats we've squeezed into. 

The Tiempo 9 cleats were a great fit straight out of the box; true to size and supple enough to slip into with the laces simply untied. They're made of a really supple K-leather, which allows plenty room to wriggle without feeling at all loose. 

The heel is made of a tough plastic, which adds good support and there is a decent bend to the sole, meaning you can sprint and jump in them with ease. 

After a first training session, FFT had a very small blister on the right heel but we'll take that given how comfortable they were otherwise. The second time we wore them we had no issues whatsoever and were pleased to have broken them in on 3G before wearing them on grass. 

All in all, in terms of comfort, these were 10 out 10. And we don't dish out Len Goodmans lightly. 

On the pitch


• RRP: £180
• Gender specification: No difference in gender specs
• Sizes available: 3.5 -12
• Colors: White and orange, black and blue, white and yellow, silver and blue
• Recommended for: All-rounders, players with wider feet

It's all well and good looking cool and fitting nicely, but you expect a cleat retailing at almost [PRICE] to do a little more than that. So how do the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats help you as a player?

The first thing you'll notice when playing is how light these are. At 207g, these are the lightest Tiempo in the line's history and comfortably among the airiest cleats on the market.

With memory foam scattered across the top and sides of the cleat, you expect a more cushioned touch as well as an extra yard of pace. This made FFT feel more in control when receiving a pass and gave us the confidence to pluck a ball out of the sky with Berbatov-esque control. Well, that's how we remember it anyway...

Despite FFT playing at centre-forward in the test game and enjoying the lightness and sponginess of the cleat, we can see why so many top defenders and midfielders are wearing these too. 

The Nike Tiempo 9 feels more tough and durable than other attacker-specific soccer cleats, such as the Mercurial Superfly or Puma Future Z. The K-leather is tough and breathable; the heel plate feels solid and the soft foam pods made spraying long passes and whipping in crosses a joy. This may be built with strikers in mind, but it's no surprise players of all positions are seen wearing them. 


Nike Tiempo Legend 9 review

(Image credit: Future)

As mentioned, the cleats are extremely light yet made of tough leather that allows room to breathe. 

Covered in memory foam and touch pods, the cleats' upper is designed to specifically help attackers shoot, dribble and control the ball. The studs are designed to help change direction quickly and the heel is tough. It's an extremely well designed and comfortable cleat, suitable for players of all positions. 


All in all, it’s a cracking all-round cleat, perfect for players who like to express themselves with a dash of flair and style without sacrificing comfort and reliability. One of the best soccer cleats on the market for wide feet and, at £180, they're more affordable than some of the upper-end options. Highly-recommended. 

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