1 January 2010
"Kenny loves gadgets. I got him to set up my son's Scalextric"
1 September 2009
"I have to wear an ankle brace when I play tennis, as a result of a football injury"
1 May 2009
"He was a brilliant little player but a dirty little bastard. He kicked me in the leg I’d just come back from breaking twice..."
1 July 2008
"People likened Peter Schmeichel to Neville Southall, but I thought Nev was better..."
1 May 2007
"I’ve never seen him make a mistake"
21 May 2006
"Leaving Liverpool was the first time I made a decision that was more in my interests than the club's"
24 February 2005
"I just tried on a bra to see what it looks like. We've all done it, haven't we?"
"When I was a tax exile I flew to Ireland just to watch England-Scotland. We lost 5-1..."


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