Looking for a fresh gig on the management sim? Mark Langshaw picks 10 of the toughest tasks to have a crack at
FIFA 18 World Cup mode
30 April 2018
Hurrah! The update will be downloadable from May 29 – and here's what to expect
27 March 2018
From an In Form Manchester United midfielder to a pair of Real Madrid bargains, these are simply the best FIFA Ultimate Team deals on the market
Paul Gascoigne Italia 90
22 March 2018
In the 1980s, football was at an all-time low – but Gazza's tears helped to usher in an era that saw the game return to its place at the heart of British popular culture. Gary Parkinson remembers the renaissance...
Eric Bailly FUT
2 February 2018
Everybody wants more for less – not least in Ultimate Team, where your money counts and marginal gains could be the difference between success and failure. Luckily for you, Phillip Ekuwem is on hand...
FIFA 18 hidden gems
13 November 2017
Want some sexy talent but don't have the funds to pay for it? Tom Wiggins has done the scouting, so you don’t have to
6 November 2017
It’s the game with a database so vast and well-researched that even the pros have taken to consulting it for reference (and sometimes even more than that). FFT’s Joe Brewin asks FM research assistant Stephen Davidson how it’s done
31 October 2017
Al Clark's obsession with keeping FM realistic demands he masters the world's most complicated league.
Best fifa 18 kits
31 October 2017
Naturally, EA’s big release ships with an array of authentic kit designs from across the globe. Some are more preferable than others, though...
FIFA 18 tips advice
25 October 2017
FIFA addict Ben Wilson shares his must-know hints for FUT, Career Mode – and how to bend the rulebook to your advantage


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