FIFA 23 tips for coins: 5 ways to get FUT coins on FIFA Ultimate Team 23

FIFA 23 tips for coins: 5 ways to get FUT coins on FIFA Ultimate Team 23: Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City in action during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester City at Molineux on September 17, 2022 in Wolverhampton, England.
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Looking for some FIFA 23 tips for coins in FUT?

Maximising the number of coins you have on FIFA Ultimate Team is always what people are on the lookout for – particularly in the first weeks after getting the game.

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve just put together a guide detailing five of the best coin-making methods in FIFA 23 – so if you’d like to figure out new ways to grow your coin balance, check out our guide below.

Squad Building Challenge solution method

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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1. FIFA 23 tips for coins: The Squad Building Challenge solution method in FUT

The SBC solution method involves buying players who are required to complete certain Squad Building Challenges and then selling them for a profit when they rise in value.

There are two ways to execute this method – and it’s important you learn both ways in order for you to utilise it effectively. Let’s take a quick look at both methods.

Squad Building Challenge predicting

SBC predicting, like its name suggests, involves predicting the SBCs that are set to be released.

But how is it even possible to “predict” SBCs? In many ways, Ultimate Team is an extremely pattern-driven game. EA typically follows the same SBC pattern every year, minus a few variations here and there.

For instance, in FIFA 21, there was a Ones To Watch SBC on the first Friday after the game’s full release. There will likely be something similar this time around. 

To capitalise on a possible Ones To Watch Squad-Building Challenge in FIFA 23, all you’d need to do is look at the SBC requirements from previous years, and just buy players who fit those requirements. For example, if last year’s SBC required an 83-rated squad, then this year’s SBC will probably require something similar.

So, in short, a great way to “predict” future SBCs and their requirements for FIFA 23 is by analyzing past SBCs from FIFA 22. Make a note of their dates, the events they were released for as well as their requirements. Armed with all that information, you’ll be able to predict future SBCs on FIFA 23 fairly accurately and in turn, you’ll be able to generate a decent amount of coins.

Solution watching

Another way to execute the SBC solution method is by utilising market-based websites like FUTBIN (opens in new tab). FUTBIN has a section where you can view fan-made SBC solutions (opens in new tab).

These SBC solutions are pretty popular among members of the FIFA online community, so it’s not uncommon for thousands of players across the world to submit the same exact squads for an SBC.

And as you probably know, if such a large amount of people are buying up the same cards – the demand for those cards are going to massively outweigh their supply, which would ultimately drive their prices up.

That’s what you want to capitalize on by trading with the SBC solution method. Sites like FUTBIN have specific sections where players can post their own solutions for specific SBCs.

By looking through the players that are being used in SBC solutions, you’ll be able to discover the “popular picks” for completing the SBCs early on and as such, you’ll be able to buy these players early and flip them for a quick profit.

Chemistry Styles Method

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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2. FIFA 23 tips for coins: FUT Chemistry Styles method

This method doesn’t involve buying and selling Chemistry Styles.

Instead, it involves applying chemistry styles on specific players and then selling the players for a slightly higher price than they’d normally go for. For instance, say Paulo Dybala typically sells for 27k coins – by applying a hunter chemistry style on him, you might be able to sell him for 35k coins instead – due to the hunter chemistry style boost.

This method works because most people would rather buy a player that already has a chemistry style than go through the trouble of applying chem styles themselves. This method has been extremely effective for years and we expect it to remain effective throughout the course of FIFA 23.

Open Bid method

3. FIFA 23 tips for coins: The Open Bid method

The open bid method is one of the fastest ways to make coins in the game. It involves leveraging price discrepancies between a card’s bid price and it’s buy now price.

Or put another way, the method revolves around buying cards for a cheap “open bid” price and then selling these cards for a slightly higher “buy now” price.

This method works pretty well because of the nature of the FUT market. The FUT market is always in a state of flux. And because of this flux, it’s pretty common for there to be discrepancies between a card’s “buy now” price and it’s “open bid” price.

If you can find players that have this price discrepancy, then you stand a chance to make tons of coins by getting these players at a cheap “open bid” price and then selling them for a slightly more expensive “buy now” price.

Out of Packs method

4. FIFA 23 tips for coins: The Out of Packs method

The 'out of packs' method involves taking advantage of a card’s short supply.

As you may know, FUT cards are generally brought onto the market when players open packs. Each time you open a pack, you inject a supply of cards onto the market. But sometimes, cards can 'go out of packs'. This means they can be unavailable in packs for a few days and sometimes, even an entire week.

That’s because when a player receives a special card upgrade (such as an in-form) – the player’s new special card replaces their gold card in packs for a specific period of time – essentially cutting off the supply of the gold card.

By investing in certain gold-rated players that are poised to receive special card upgrades, you’ll be able to make tons of coins when their gold cards go 'out of packs'.

Snipe players on the market

5. FIFA 23 tips for coins: Snipe players on the market

Sniping involves buying undervalued cards and then selling them for their original value. While it might sound easy, sniping is one of the hardest trading methods in FIFA, but it’s also one of the most lucrative.

That’s because, when an undervalued card gets listed on the market, it is usually picked up within one or two seconds – and sometimes, within a millisecond. This means, you typically have a very tiny window of opportunity to buy an undervalued card when it appears on the market.

The best way to find sniping opportunities is by using price filters. Price filters allow you to set price thresholds on the transfer market thus making it easier for you to find undervalued players.

For instance, if you’re in search of an undervalued Bruno Fernandes, you can set a price filter of 120k coins, which is about 50k coins less than his actual value of 170k coins.

By using this filter, the only Bruno Fernandes cards you’ll see on the market are the ones that cost 120k coins or below – allowing you to find undervalued Fernandes cards that you can flip for a 50k profit.

Buy FUT points

6. FIFA 23 tips for coins: Buy FUT points

If all else fails… there's a handy shortcut for getting coins. Just buying them. 

On Amazon, you can buy up to 12,000 FIFA points (opens in new tab) – and this, in turn, can be used to buy packs. You can make anywhere between 50k and 100k from these players.

Beware when buying points, as it isn't a surefire way to make coins – but if you need a headstart, it can be a useful way to bump up your bank. 

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