19 January 2020
Derek McInnes has played down talk of a departure for Sam Cosgrove after the striker’s late penalty fired Aberdeen into the fifth round of the William Hill Scottish Cup in a 1-0 win over Dumbarton.
ISI Photos-Mike Lawrence
4 May 2018
Another entry of the Hudson River Derby is on tap, and the matchup has already given us plenty to be thankful for.
Champions League finalists TFC are pushing MLS to the next level, says Steve Davis
ISI Photos / Angel Marchini-ZUMA Wire
14 March 2018
Toronto FC and the New York Red Bulls knocked out Liga MX foes, a possible turning point in the foreground of a new commercial event.
ISI Photos-John Dorton
27 February 2018
Record signings. Coaches coming down to reality. Owners taking gambles. These are the people to watch in MLS in 2018.
10 January 2018
It's time to stop calling New York a big club. That approach is OK ... it's just a weird one to take in the U.S.' biggest market.
Illustration: John Sheehan
16 November 2017
He was selfless but selfish; demanding but understanding; visitor, yet a New Yorker. One thing is for sure: Henry was a legend.
13 November 2017
Red Bulls' young midfielder vindicated the team's offseason choices, earning his first shot with the USMNT.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
9 November 2017
TFC looked unstoppable for most of 2017. But overheated reactions to New York's provocations have us thinking twice.
Press Association
8 November 2017
As the debate rages on about MLS' playoff format, it's worth remembering what the league's postseasons used to entail.


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