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Mourinho to move on quickly from title success

Jose Mourinho says he will only take five minutes to celebrate before turning his thoughts to next season if Chelsea seal the Premier League title this weekend.

Mourinho's side know victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday will be enough to secure their first league championship since 2010.

The Portuguese, who already boasts seven league titles from spells with Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid, has fond memories of previous successes, but plans to swiftly refocus once silverware is secured.

"I have replicas of every cup I won, and I don't care about the replicas. Or the medals. They're in my houses. I have some in Portugal, some here, some in my son’s room. I really don't care," said Mourinho.

"What stays forever is the feeling, the emotion, the memory of the moment. I have clear in my head every one of these moments I lived.

"What motivated me are the basic things in football, like when you are a kid, you play in the street with your neighbours, three against three, four against four, and you want to win. That's the most pure feeling in football.

"The meaning is the important thing: the feeling, the emotion … that's what stays with you forever.

"If you are in a championship, you want to win it. It doesn't depend on the level you are. To be champions in the Premier League is not a different feeling to winning the championship in League One, League Two or the Conference. The happiness, also the frustrations … in terms of human feelings, they're exactly the same.

"But the moment itself, it only lasts for a flash. For that moment a final finishes, or the game that gives you the league ends, you have like a flash of the people you love most, the people who are with you, a little bit of the most important moments that lead to that trophy.

"It's like a quick flash. And, with me, five minutes later, I move on. I have to think about next season, to prepare. We need to think about that."