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Wenger: Too much pressure on youngsters

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is worried young players are being put under too much pressure because of high expectations.

The Frenchman, in charge at the Premier League club since 1996, questioned whether the present system was the right one.

Wenger also believes youngsters often train with fear, because of parents.

"Parents have a lot of expectations and put a lot of pressure on the boys," he told UK newspapers.

"They [youngsters] are not overprotected.

"They are under pressure very early to be successful and come to training with the fear of not being successful every morning."

Wenger also questioned whether the system needed to be looked at to give young players more freedom.

"Do we specialise them too early? Do we give them too much coaching too early and not enough freedom?" he said.

"Do we isolate them too early from other sports? Should they not practice other sports at an early age and transfer their skills to our sport?

"Do we isolate them too early from normal social life?"

Wenger's Arsenal host Bournemouth in the Premier League on Sunday.