10 February 2018
The sitting vice president prevailed in an election in which "change" was the operative word. How did that happen? We explain.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
7 February 2018
Lori Lindsey is staying involved in the game after her playing career, including with her former club, the Washington Spirit, and as a voting member in the contentious U.S. Soccer presidential election. 
ISI Photos-Tim Bouwer
28 January 2018
A weighted lottery will determine where players go next via dispersal draft.
ISI Photos-Mike Gridley
25 January 2018
U.S. women's soccer's longest-standing brand folded as the NWSL pushes toward a more ambitious future. But is that a fruitful one?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
24 January 2018
Taking the temperature in the U.S. Soccer bubble
22 January 2018
Candidates agree on a lot of hot topics, and voters aren't showing their hands. So, who is most likely to get things done?
ISI Photos
19 January 2018
The president of the NWSL Players Association discusses the need for better communication between players and their league, and where women's soccer fits into the conversation around the heavily-debated U.S. Soccer presidential election.
18 December 2017
Royals’ brass tells FourFourTwo about the two intense weeks that led the NWSL to Salt Lake City.
Photo: Utah Royals
6 December 2017
Originally destined for U.S. Soccer job after leaving Seattle, the coach's career was suddenly in limbo. Then, on a beach in Hawaii, her phone rang.
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
4 December 2017
You've heard of Horan and Pugh, but that's only the start. How do two Denver-area clubs compete with those drawing from much larger areas? A confluence of factors, FFT found out.


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