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Change direction at speed


On the edge of the 18-yard box, put three blue cones in a line, five yards apart. Place another four in a line left of the central cone, one yard apart, each cone a different colour. Do the same on the right, using the same colours.



Run from the nearest blue cone to the furthest via the smallest angle – in this illustration, the red cone. Use your outside foot to change direction. Walk back, then run via the other red cone. Walk back. Do this for each cone until you reach the widest angle. This is one set; do 2-4 with three minutes’ rest between. To progress the drill, do six random runs (three left, three right), then introduce a ball, dribble and shoot at the end.



Boomerang runs are excellent for practising change of direction at all angles, developing agility while improving acceleration and deceleration.

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This drill was designed by performance coach Glen Thurgood, director of the Training Shed. For more visit