The Neymar workout

Ride the challenges
Barbell overhead walking lunges

Works: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, trunk, shoulders

Raise the barbell over your head. Lunge forward so your back knee touches the floor. Bring your feet together, then lunge with the other leg.

Reps 6 Sets 3 (90secs recovery)


Get explosive acceleration
Medicine ball slams

Works: Abs

Raise a 4kg medicine ball over your head, lifting your legs, and throw it hard straight down onto the floor, driving with your arms.

Reps 4 Sets 3 (1min recovery)


Improve your agility
Walking barbell rotations

Works: Abs, obliques, back

Find plenty of space in the gym. Holding the barbell at waist height, rotate it laterally, pushing it forward and to the side, and use the momentum to step forward. Keep your back straight.

Reps 12 Sets 3 (90secs recovery)


Develop quick feet
Prowler sprint resistance

Works: quads, glutes, hamstrings

Set Prowler resistance to 10kg and attach the harness. Ensure it’s taut. Sprint forward for 15-20 yards.

Sets 3 (2mins recovery)


Engage your core
Knees to elbows, toes to bar

Works: Abs, hips

Grab pull-up bar. Explosively lift your knees up to your elbows and toes up to the bar, then down again, keeping your trunk rigid.

Reps 12 Sets 3 (2mins recovery)

The Neymar training guides
Score goals from the wings
Change direction at speed

This workout was designed by Rayan Wilson, director of Back2Action. Follow @Back_2_Action

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