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Get the best out of your team

Pig-headed managers all make one common, catastrophic mistake: They try to enforce their idealistic system upon a set of players. When the team doesn’t get the desired results the manager blames the players for not executing the plan.

While this may be just in some cases, quite often it’s the inflexibility of the manager that’s to blame.

Don’t try to crowbar your players in to a rigid system. If you want to get the best out of your team start with the players, assess their strengths and then formulate your system, says Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen.

“Don’t start with the system and then force the players to execute the system. Start with the players and then develop your playing style. It has to be flexible,” he told FFT.

To find out how you can squeeze every drop of potential out of your team, no matter what level they play, click play and lend an ear to Verheijen.

Raymond Verheijen is the co-founder of the World Football Academy. For more information visit

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