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Setting goals for the new season

Most sports psychologists will tell you that dwelling on a poor performance will have a poisonous effect on your game.

You have to let it go and focus on the next match. However, reviewing performance and setting targets is a healthy way of turning an error-strewn display into a positive step forward.

With the new season upon us, FFT spoke to WBA's sports psychologist, Tom Bates, about the importance of self-evaluation and goal setting.

Bates believes the key to building on your previous campaign is the lucidity of your game plan.

“If you are able to build a crystal clear picture of exactly what you need to do, exactly the areas you need to improve in, that is more likely to give you the momentum, motivation and desire to go and achieve those goals,” Bates told FFT.

“You can do this in all sorts of ways.”

To find out more about these techniques click play and watch this video.